Helen Wragg - iPilates Owner & Polestar Pilates Practitioner in Rehabilitation 

I am passionate about many things but mostly empowering clients to move well. I aim to have clients understand their own movement patterns and habits, so they can find better ones that will enable them to live life at full throttle, whether that be biking, running a marathon or gardening and walking the dog. I


Having worked professionally for 12 years as a dancer, I then naturally fell in to a choreographer role, followed by a period of teaching every fitness class ever heard of. I finally came to teach Pilates and knew I was on to something. I first under- went training in London With The Michael King institute, which fourteen years ago was the training body to be with and is still running today.

I attended several courses with different trainers over the next six years looking for something more, a deeper understanding, a higher knowledge of anatomy in motion.

I then discovered Polestar Pilates and have never looked back. Their standards are really high, their educators knowledgeable and from this my anatomical understanding of movement has grown and grown. I have trained with them in Mat work, Reformer and am fully certified in Rehabilitation and full comprehensive. I am definitely a Pilates Geek and will always be a life-time learner.

Mavra Root -Polestar Pilates Practitioner in Rehabilitation

Mavra is a highly qualified, motivated, energetic Pilates instructor. She brings to her lessons all the passion and dedication required to approach each and every one of her clients individually, regardless if it's a group class or a one-to-one session. It's this passion and dedication that helped Mavra gain her clients' confidence and loyalty, which is reflected in a high re-booking rate. 

Mavra always had a strong interest in physical activities of various forms from dance to Pilates, yoga and climbing back in her homeland, Greece. After returning to the UK, to settle down and start a family, she decided to take this interest a step further and pursue a professional career in Pilates. Mavra strongly believes in the wider benefits of Pilates and how everyone can benefit and improve their self-confidence and appearance through improved core strength, posture and breath control. 

Ria Slade - Polestar Pilates Practitioner in Rehabilitation 

Originally from Leeds, Ria studied public relations with French at university before jetting off to the South of France to work as a stewardess on a super yacht. After three very happy years at sea, she decided to swap boat life and move back to the UK in 2011 to explore a career in Pilates.


Ria is an absolute believer of the life changing mind-body benefits of Pilates and has practiced herself for over ten years. Her mat and reformer classes are very much focused on helping to restore natural fluid movement and encouraging a sense of balance and wellbeing into our fast-paced, modern lifestyles.


She believes that everyone should feel great in their own bodies no matter what their age or fitness level and her aim as a teacher is to encourage more awareness of how we move and to ultimately create a freedom of movement that is not only effortless but also intuitive, making for a happier body inside and out.


A real foodie, out of her Pilates life, Ria enjoys cooking and loves staying active with outdoor pursuits such as snowboarding, surfing, paddle boarding, along with exploring other movement practices, such as contemporary dance, the Ido Portal technique and Feldenkrais.


Ria truly loves being involved in the Halifax and Leeds communities, working with people from all walks of life and has also been privileged to work with one of the leading training providers of Pilates, Polestar UK, as a mentor for other teachers.

Natalie Raleigh- Fitness Pilates Teacher

Has been passionate about teaching movement for years , Qualified as a fitness instructor and PT Natalies classes are fun and full of energy and flow.

The Fitness Pilates that Natalie offers is for anyone who doesn't have injuries and wants to have a safe small environment to bring balance and strength into their bodies.

Natalie loves working with the small equipment at the studio so her classes are always varied and challenging.

Julie Latham- polestar pilates practitioner in Rehabilitation 

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