We want to support you and your business improve well being productivity and health.


Pilates is accessible to everyone 

Any age and fitness level we can all achieve something from this practice 



Would you like an online Pilates class delivered to your employees?

What a great time to keep your team connected and show support during these times. 

Our bodies aren’t designed to spend long hours sitting at a desk or standing on our feet. Staying in one position for too long creates physical imbalances in the body. An unhappy body leads to an unhappy mind.

Mind and Body

Corporate classes make it easy for employees to get fitter and healthier.



  • Reduced anxiety levels 

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased communication

  • Improved team spirit

  • Connection and support


We will provide a 

40-minute class that fits perfectly into your day.

  Alternative exercises and progressions for those who need them.


All you will need to provide is  a connection to zoom.  


One class a week monthly corporate membership investment £260

Two classes per week corporate  membership investment £420

Why Ipilates Elite ?

We are a highly skilled, qualified and motivated well being team of practitioners . We have a high level of anatomical knowledge  and years of experience teaching in the studio and online . 

Get in touch lets talk,  I will make the session exactly what you and your team need right now . 

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